And it can be very frustrating whenever that’s the case. But don’t worry. You’re not the only girl to have been caught in such a position and you certainly are not going to be the last. And that’s why this article is designed to help out all the girls much like yourself – the ones who have difficulty reading and understanding guys.

The reason that guys tend to be really hard to read is that they aren’t always going to be so vocal about how they really feel. They don’t really like to open up much about their emotions and so you’re just left to guess whether they are interested in you or not.

But here’s a little trick for you-you can actually pick up a few signs that a guy likes you just by observing how he is when he’s around you and how he interacts with you. If you notice that a lot of the signs here actually apply to the guy that you’re interested in, then it’s highly likely that he likes you as well.

1. His body language is telling you that he’s very comfortable with you. He looks at you when he talks and he always makes sure that there is nothing between you two.

2. His voice is essentially telling you that he’s really nervous about being around you. That means that for him, the stakes are high and he doesn’t want to screw up with you.

3. He is always going to be very receptive and responsive of the physical touch. A lot of guys who like you will always reciprocate whatever physical gestures or signals you might be emitting.

4. He might act a little weird whenever it’s just the two of you. This is just his way of staying conscious of how he’s acting. He wants to be his best self when he’s with you so as not to scare you away.

5. He just happens to show up wherever you are. That means he’s actually taking notice of how you go about your day. And he’s obviously desperate to be spending more time with you.

6. He really maintains eye contact with you. This is his way of letting you know that he’s being sincere and real with everything that he’s telling you.

7. He compliments you a lot. He is always so fond of telling you that he actually enjoys being around you because you happen to be or act a certain way. He wants to let you know that he takes notice of the little things about you that might elude some other people.

8. He starts mirroring your actions. Science has actually proved that a lot of us tend to emulate the people we like. So, when he likes you, he’s going to adopt a lot of your mannerisms and weird habits.

9. He uses social media to get in touch with you any way he can. It means that it’s not enough for him to be interacting with you in the physical space. He has to be doing so in the virtual space as well. He can’t seem to get enough of you.

10. He seems to lean in whenever he tries to talk to you. This is a sign that he is genuinely interested in getting intimate with you. He wants to be able to establish close physical connections with you.

11. He always makes an effort to initiate a conversation with you. Or if you happen to already be in a conversation, he really tries to add life to it as much as possible. This shows that he always enjoys talking to you.

12. He dresses and grooms himself the best way he can whenever he knows that he’s going to be around you. He always wants to be his best visual self whenever the two of you see each other.

13. He gets flustered whenever you run into each other unexpectedly. It’s always different whenever he is able to prepare to meet you. But when it’s a surprise run-in, he always gets caught off-guard.

14. He asks you whether you’re romantically involved with anyone else or not. This is just his way of checking whether he has the green light to actually pursue you as a romantic interest or not.

15. He exhibits a slight jealousy whenever you start to talk to other guys. He acts very territorial of you because he’s invested in you already.