17 Natural Remedies for Warts Removal

Warts are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) and, being caused by a virus, are extremely contagious.

They are presented in various sizes and shapes and are usually located on the hands and fingers, but sometimes may occur elsewhere in the body.

This is because it is spread by direct contact. That is, by contact of a body part with another. Touching a wart on your hand, you can take the virus with the fingers and transfer it to another part of the skin surface

Those who appear in the feet are called plantar warts are very painful and making the person unable to walk properly. It must be very careful with genital warts which require medical attention.

Natural Remedies

They are varied and numerous folk remedies for removing warts which have gathered below:

  1. Remedy for warts # 1: Rub the wart with a piece of garlic or garlic juice of four.
  2. Remedy for warts # 2: Make a knot in a string for every wart you have, then place the string over his shoulder in the light of the full moon.
  3. Remedy for warts # 3: Make a drawing of the hand with warts cross with an X and pull the design in the garbage.
  4. Remedy for warts # 4: Rub the wart with a chicken gizzard when the moon is waning. Then take the gizzard and bury it in the middle of a dirt road. (In some parts have replaced the gizzard by a cloth to clean dishes).
  5. Remedy for warts # 5: Sell the wart with a relative in a penny.
  6. Remedy for warts # 6: Wrap with four layers of duct tape warts on the fingers (not too tight) follows the first layer on the tip of the finger, the second around the finger and, in the same way, repeated again until they are four layers.
  7. Remedy for warts # 7: Count the number of warts you have on the body, take an equal number of corn kernels and place in a small box that is left, quietly, at the junction of a road on a Friday.
  8. Remedy for warts # 8: Dip plantar warts in hot water every night.
  9. Remedy for warts # 9: Apply vitamin E oil, essential oil of cloves or sage, aloe vera (aloe) directly on the wart.
  10. Remedy for Warts # 10: Rub the wart on a piece of pig skin daily and then clean the area and leave this piece in the open for three nights.
  11. Remedy for Warts # 11: Soak several slices of lemon in apple cider with a little salt and marinate for two weeks. After that time, take the slices of lemon and rub over the wart.
  12. Remedy for Warts # 12: Rub a piece of chalk, a raw potato or banana peel on the wart.
  13. Remedy for Warts # 13: Apply a drop of castor oil to the wart twice daily and cover with a bandage or tape.
  14. Remedy for Warts # 14: to form a thick paste with a spoonful of castor oil with baking soda. Apply the paste a couple of times a day and then cover with a bandage.
  15. Remedy for Warts # 15: Grate fresh ginger root and a raw potato. Mix with a little water to a paste. Apply to the wart and cover with a wide adhesive tape. Leave on overnight. Repeat until the wart disappears.
  16. Remedy for Warts # 16: Rub the skin with a soft shell.
  17. Remedy for Warts # 17: Rub the wart daily with saliva


There are several recommendations to prevent and combat warts

  • Do not walk barefoot. If you walk barefoot in locker rooms, pools, gyms or showers in the carpets of the hotels, there are great chances that the virus is there. The best protection is footwear.
  • Cover your cuts and scrapes if you have cuts or scrapes to disinfect the wound and then quickly cover with a bandage until healed, because if it does the virus can easily be introduced under the skin. It should be especially careful if the cut or opening is around the cuticle, which can cause a particularly malignant type of wart (warts periunqueales) which are difficult to treat.
  • Keep your feet dry if you have warts on your feet, try to keep as dry as possible and to develop warts in the moisture. The best practice is to change socks at least three times a day and then apply a medicated talc. Similarly, beneficial results often change his shoes and let dry completely.
  • Verify the use of medication Some medications to soften and get rid of warts contain salicylic acid. However, they are not recommended for diabetics and people with circulation problems.
  • Not touching warts Warts are easily spread, if you touch his hand, he risks appearing there or any other area of body to be played later.
  • Stay calm. People are more susceptible to warts when under stress while eating poorly. Therefore, we recommend staying calm.

Recommended going directly to the doctor if:

  • It is unclear whether it is a wart, which can be a lesion of skin cancer.
  • The person is diabetic
  • It has a genital wart.