4 Wonderful Wattles to Plant and Grow


Acacia pravissima
(Oven’s wattle)
Native to Victoria, this
bushy acacia reaches 10ft
(3m). Distinctive triangular
grey-green “leaves” are in
fact adapted leaf stalks or
phyllodes. Fragrant flower
heads are bright yellow



Acacia-retinodesAcacia Retinodes
(swamp wattle or wirilda)
Narrow, willow-like
phyllodes and a generous
show of pretty canary yellow blooms.
A pretty,
slightly weeping, small
tree that is tolerant of lime.





Acacia Suaveolens
(sweet-scented wattle)
Medium-sized, bearing
long, narrow, 
phyllodes and deliciously
scented flowers the colour
of lemon cheesecake.
These are followed by
impressive seed pods.




Acacia-verticillata Acacia verticillata (prickly
moses, star acacia)
This acacia bears darkgreen, needle-like
phyllodes and will form a
prickly barrier. cylindrical
flower spikes open to a
pale, creamy yellow.