Folk Remedies to Quit Smoking

It is not easy to quit smoking, as the snuff creates a strong addiction.

However, the harm to health (cancer of the lungs, mouth, larynx, esophagus, gallbladder, kidney, pancreas, chronic bronchitis and emphysema) force smokers to reconsider the option of quit.

Even exposed to the loved ones who breathe smoke snuff. Studies indicate that passive smokers are at increased risk of lung cancer than those who are not.

For all these reasons, it pays to quit smoking and, to achieve this objective is presented below some folk remedies for those who have decided to escape it.

Folk Remedies

  • Remedy to stop smoking # 1: Drink plenty of fruit juice (apple and grape) unsweetened, eating vegetables (carrots, onion, celery, peas, beans, etc.).. And taking relaxing baths in the evening.
  • Remedy to stop smoking # 2: A natural remedy is to chew ginger root (even a little bitter is very effective).
  • Remedy to stop smoking # 3: Take catnip tea which, according to tradition, reduces the desire to smoke.
  • Remedy to stop smoking # 4: Reduce consumption of meat, alcohol, coffee, sugar and white bread.
  • Remedy to stop smoking # 5: According to the grandmothers suck clove is also quite effective to cut the snuff or cigarette addiction.
  • Remedy to stop smoking # 6: Hypnosis is another natural method used to quit smoking, and is based on visualization, suggestion and relaxation.
  • Remedy to stop smoking # 7 Develop a eucalyptus tea 1 g, 5 g of ginkgo and 5 g of mauve in 1 liter of water which must be heated and then add the ingredients. Let stand for 5 minutes, strain and drink 1 cup daily for 1 month. Helps clean the lungs and airways in the treatment for smoking. Do not take more than 1 cup daily as this may cause headache and nausea.


In addition to the remedies set forth above, the will to quit is critical and very necessary. Smokers can get up in the morning and say, “From today I will not smoke more. I decided to quit “which daily reaffirm their will.

If desired, you can have the following recommended diet for people who want to quit smoking:


  • Take the juice of two lemons and two oranges with honey


  • Eat fruit or cereal c (\ n wheat toast


  • The first day, preferably fruit. The next few days especially salads vegetables, grains and legumes


  • Light foods. Fruit salad or vegetables, milk or fruit juice and whole wheat bread

During the diet, take three times a day the following herbal tea with honey: Mix equal parts of peppermint, pulmonaria, horsetail and lemon balm, two teaspoons of the mixture to a cup of water.

  • Exercise in the morning is advisable to get as much blood oxygen nervous system is toned
  • Keep out of reach objects that recall the action of smoking cigarettes, ashtrays and lighters.
  • Frequenting the company of non-smokers.
  • Have on hand to chew or suck on objects as gums and candies. In this sense, peppermint should be avoided because it can remind the cigarette.
  • Not tempted in situations associated with smoking and coffee breaks, after meals.