You have already found an ideal partner. You have a good relationship. You love each other and are going to get married or you have already been married. You want to live happily for the whole life. Everything seems to be good.

But over time, many pairs have problems. Every relationship needs hard work. You need to work on yourself, on your relationship, if you want to save what you have. You should not be a real egoist and think only about your own benefits. You should show your feelings, make your partner feel comfortable and beloved. Learn to be thankful. If you follow the next main tips, you will be able to solve all problems and to improve your relationship.

1. You are two individuals with your own characters and beliefs. So, give space to your partner. Don’t afraid to do things alone. Don’t ask him to help you with everything and to go everywhere you go. Every person deserves his personal space. That will work, you will see.

2. Help your partner to fight against his stress. Have your partner had a hard day at work? Offer to make a gentle massage for him, or to have a warm bath. Pay attention and care to your partner. It is very important.

3. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner about your needs in the relationship. You should be frank with him. Do you need more attention or more help about the house? Tell him. And after that ask him to be frank. Maybe he was embarrassed to ask you for some changes for a long time.

4. Don’t forget to write text messages to your partner. And not about buying something for dinner or asking how he is doing. Write private texts with pleasant words, your inside jokes, or even indecent things. He will appreciate this.

5. Tell him if you are annoyed about something. Silence can only accumulate and increase your irritation. Ask your partner to do the same.

6. Do not take each other for granted. Make surprises and small pleasant things like coffee in the morning for your partner. And always show your gratitude for his actions. It is not a shame to say thank you.

7. Choose a day when you will have an opportunity to speak about your relationship. Discuss your problems and the things you want to change in the future.