Natural First-Aid Kit

In summer, are very frequent trips and vacations to the countryside and distant places.

However, sometimes suffer unforeseen met successfully if we carry in our luggage a kit with natural elements (dyes and plant extracts, tea bags, etc..) That can be very useful in the following cases

To help sleep in a long journey or to combat the stress of travel 

Plant: Valerian 

Properties. Sedative recommended if timely or chronic insomnia, stress and mild anxiety states.
How to take: In capsules and tablets, sometimes combined with lime, liquid extracts and alcoholic tincture.

Plant: Passion flower or passion 

Properties. Muscle relaxant, antispasmodic aid in cases of anxiety, nervous irritability, palpitations, muscle tension, menstrual cramps, nervous coughs, migraines.
How to take: Capsules, tablets, syrup, juice and juice of fresh plant.

For blows, bruises, sprains, bruises, scrapes and sores. 

Plant: Arnica 

Properties: One of the most potent anti-inflammatory herbal products for external use. It is also analgesic, antiseptic, antibacterial, healing and relieves muscle pain.
How to take: In ointment or gel, tincture and liquid extract.

For colds and slight fever

Plant: Meadowsweet 

Properties: It is indicated in colds and flu, but also in rheumatism and urinary disorders.
How to take: For syrup, vials of liquid extract, tincture and sometimes combined with white willow, cat’s claw and black currant, capsules and tablets.

To reduce inflammation of insect bites

Plant: Calendula

Properties: The calendula creams and ointments are very effective and also prevent infection from developing.
How to take: In creams or ointments that contain, in tincture or liquid extract.

In order to prevent dizziness and vomiting .

Plant: Ginger 

Properties: digestive stimulant that prevents dizziness and vomiting and is also suitable for pregnant women.
How to wear: In capsules (hasta2 g daily in three doses), in tincture, liquid extract and bottles of essential oil (diluted in water, 2-3 drops).

For sunburn 

Plant: Hypericum 

Properties: St John’s wort is good for, besides sunburn, if hives, sores or blisters on the feet or as a moisturizer.
How to take: in oil or lotion

Plant: Calendula 

Properties: The calendula calm irritation armpits, genital areas, English, etc. for heat or sweat. It may also be valid in case of eczema .
How to take: in oil or lotion

Plant: Aloe vera or Aloe 

Properties. Demulcent, dermo protective, anti-inflammatory, laxative, purgative doses helps aged or irritated skin, sores, scratches, minor burns, skin discoloration, insect bites, dry eczema, pimples, acne, canker sores, bleeding gums, swollen eyelids .
How to wear it. Aloe gel, natural or diluted in water, gel, spray, powder, capsules, liquid extract, tincture, aloe juice.

For intestinal parasites 

Fruit: Papaya 

Properties: It is diuretic, laxative, nutritive, and has qualities vermifuge (expels intestinal parasites),
How to wear: The best way is to eat raw, cooked, liquefied or canned milk.

Fruit: Grapefruit 

Properties: The grapefruit seed extract may be very suitable to prevent most intestinal worms (also might work the garlic extract or garlic oil). While the grapefruit seed extract helps us fight colds and most infections (tonsillitis, ear infections, candida, cystitis, etc …).

How to take: Liquid extract.