Natural Regime to Lose Weight

Many people wonder why after so much sacrifices which slimming two kilos, in the twinkling of an eye, increasing five or more.

That is, find it difficult to lose weight and when at last they succeed, they can not keep it off.

There are some tricks and tips homemade natural that allow not only lose weight but keep it off. Here are these:

  • Understand what it truly means “dieting” Many people think a diet is a fad or something that is done occasionally. The diet really is a new way of eating and change of habit to have a healthy lifestyle which should be for life.
  • Avoid food combinations that may gain weight If you choose to eat meat, must be accompanied only with vegetables, raw or cooked. Adding bread, crackers, rice, pasta or other carbohydrate sources, they tend to get fat.
  • Think of the calories is necessary to take into account that not all foods have the same number of calories. In this sense, the proteins stored little regular carbohydrates, fats and sugars almost completely. Thus, proteins such as, for example, fish (more satiating than meat, especially if you do steamed or boiled) are excellent for weight loss.
  • Take 30 minutes to eat is recommended to take at least 30 minutes to eat and chew each mouthful should be at least 15 seconds focusing on their taste. Thus, the brain will realize that the stomach is full. If you eat a high speed, the brain can not perceive satiety and, therefore, will tend to overeat.
  • Making three meals a day to maintain active metabolism, do not skip the main meal and two snacks daily.
  • Deceive the hunger If suddenly you feel hungry, instead of eating a sugar cookie or ice cream you can eat a carrot, jicama and cucumbers with lemon pepper, apple, Light yogurt or a cup of chopped papaya as This helps keep the weight off.
  • Spend a day on fruit if desired detoxify the body after a weekend where you have broken your diet, you can choose the day Monday as the fruit where you can eat especially citrus. Avoid bananas or mangoes because it contains much sugar.
  • Do not overeat at dinner According to studies, the most fattening food in consumed at dinner. Therefore, we recommend dining lightly.
  • Drink plenty of mineral water must get used to drink a lot of natural water. Therefore, you should always carry a bottle throughout the day and be drunk in small sips a total of two liters of water.
  • Learning to eat outside the house Whether to eat in restaurants frequently, we recommend the selection of salads without mayonnaise along with white meats and soft, always prepared grilled or steamed, with a few drops of olive oil. Japanese food is an excellent option because it is healthy, rich in vitamins and low in calories.
  • Be cautious when leaving tops If you exit cup at the weekend, it is important to remember that alcohol can fatten quickly. Therefore, it is recommended to order a vodka tonic, made with vodka, tonic and lemon juice as it has very few calories.
  • Reinventing the pasta with pasta sauce surprisingly industrial energy intake multiplied. However, if you want to consume, for example, a pizza can be done by replacing the typical house with an integral base, adding a reduced-calorie foods such as onions, turkey Light, among others, and adding low-fat mozzarella.
  • Sleep long enough sleep is important you need to feel rested, since, according to studies, whether much or little sleep (less than seven hours or more than nine at night) is altered appetite control because it causes a decrease leptin (the hormone that reduces hunger) and increased secretion of ghrelin (the hormone that stimulates). Hence the need to sleep just enough to prevent weight gain.
  • Exercise need not overdo exercising to lose weight. Only 30 minutes a day walking or swimming can lose weight.
  • Persevering the goal is important to persevere with the idea of slimming, but if you fall into temptation, do not abandon the whole effort a stumble. It must continue and persevere in the goal. Also, deprive themselves of every whim can create great anxiety. If you have eaten a piece of cake, you can compensate with exercise to eliminate the extra calories.