Sage. Healing Properties

It is a shrub that reaches a foot to three feet high. The plant, in addition to being healthy, is also palatable.

The main components of sage are: essential oil, saponin, glucose, vitamin B, vitamin C, bitter principles, estrogen and bactericidal substances, enzymes and potassium.

Sage has always identified with the word health including sage Salvus is derived from Latin, meaning full and healthy. For the ancient Greeks, this plant was sacred and was used to cure diseases such as bleeding, wounds, fevers, kidney genitourinary and irregular menstruation.

Healing Properties

  • Rubbing the teeth with the fresh leaves of sage are whitens teeth, refreshes and strengthens the gums and gives a good smell of the mouth.
  • Above all it is encouraging because it activates the blood circulation and balances the nervous system. For this reason is a valid remedy for tired, anemic, nursing and for all those suffering from nervous exhaustion.
  • It is invigorating the digestive system and has astringent properties that make it useful in cases of diarrhea, bleeding, irregular menses etc.
  • By containing between their active estrogen, is indicated for female disorders, sterility from a menstrual irregularities. One of the most suitable plants to treat menopausal disorders because, first, is a dangerous alternative to hormonal treatments based on synthetic estrogen, and also because it paves side discomfort like nausea, dizziness, sweating, heat stroke, etc. that accompanied this time to monitor its progress.
  • Have also been found in plant anti-diabetic properties, as its decoction lowers blood sugar.
  • It is an excellent substitute for incense, as their leaves burned off a smoke heavily active air clean from germs and even negative vibrations, that last point as American Indians.

Instructions for use

  1. Folk remedy # 1: For people with diabetes or depleted, boil one teaspoon of dried sage leaves per cup of water. 3 cups a day.
  2. Folk remedy # 2: For people exhausted, tired and anemic hervir10 recommended grams of leaves for three minutes in a liter of white wine. Take two tablespoons every half hour for 3 days.
  3. Another alternative in such cases is to make a decoction of one ounce of sage, lemon balm ounce, 1 / 2 ounce of Valerian root, 5 grams of rosemary castle in a liter of water. Drinking a cup on an empty stomach and another on the food
  4. Folk remedy # 3: For menopause and menstrual irregularities, a wine can be prepared by maceration for a week 90 grams of leaves in1 liter of red sherry. You take a spoonful after every meal.


  • Plant is contraindicated during the first months of pregnancy due to emmenagogue property. However, taken in the last month helps to have a faster and easier delivery.
  • Ingestion should be avoided in women who are breastfeeding, because it blocks the production of milk.

Recipes for healthy eating with sage

  • Eggs sage:

To prepare this recipe should be washed 30 gr capers and prepare them with chopped garlic, 30 gr of bread dipped in lemon juice, 2 sage leaves and salt.

It must go through the blender the ingredients and pour the sauce onto a plate. 4 eggs then prepared hard and after letting them cool, cut into thin slices and arrange on the sauce which is sprinkled chopped fresh sage.

  • Sage butter:

In this recipe you must clean and dry 30 g of sage leaves, thin shape is minced and mixed with 100 g of butter, mix the ingredients until smooth and creamy it made. Then he must save this salt and butter in the fridge until ready to use.