Valerian. Healing Properties

It is a straight plant stem and serrated leaves and flowers are red or white

It tastes bitter and can be unpleasant. Therefore, mixed with lemon balm or orange blossom.

Valerian contains substances such as valeric acid, malic and acetic consisting essentially pinene, camphene, Valerin, cathidine and bornyl isovalerate.

A curious feature of valerian is the fact known for centuries as “catnip”, because it has been noted that some animals use it when something goes wrong in their bodies.

Healing Properties

It is considered one of the most appropriate herbs to cure nervous disorders and insomnia, as it is soothing, calming, antidepressant and hypnotic.

Also has beneficial effects on arrhythmias, hypertension, neurosis, gastric (stomach ailments of nervous origin), headaches, seizures and neurasthenia.

Natural Remedies with Valerian

  1. Natural remedy # 1: Anti-insomnia, should be taken before sleep, a cup of tea from seven to fifteen grams of Valerian root to pint of water.
  2. Natural remedy # 2: In cases of abnormal nerve, you can use the powdered root in doses of one or two grams per day, or infusion of 2 to 10 grams in 180 grams of boiling water. Tincture taken five to ten drops of sugar, several times a day.
  3. If you want to supplement their effects in the above cases, you can also use Valerian, externally, in bathrooms. To do this, you should prepare a decoction of dried root con100 grams per liter of water. Let it boil for 10 minutes and then add two quarts of water decoction of the tub. You take the hot bath before bedtime.
  4. Natural remedy # 3: Against convulsions of children becomes a hot enema infusion of 3 grams of Valerian root EN300 grams of boiling water and at the same time, they take five drops of the tincture, which is prepared as follows : ten grams of Valerian root chopped boys are cast EN30 grams of pure alcohol, after 14 days of maceration the dye is ready, is filtered and stored, well covered.
  5. Natural remedy # 4: headaches subside Valerian powder in doses of one or two grams per day, with the most rapid and lasting effect if applied simultaneously on the front and crushed fresh plant.


It is advisable not to extend too much valerian-based therapies. So, stop after 10 days, then resume healing.

In the intervening period can take effect similar plants such as passion flower, orange blossom, lime flower, and so on.